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Zen meditation music

Zen meditation music brings you soothing sounds as well as rhythms that induce your mind to a state of deep serenity, peace, and relaxation. Sounds of rhythmic nature do have an influence over the mental and emotional state of a human being. 

The Indian theory of music is that humans are made up of sounds. Sound vibrations have the power to bring us into harmony with the vibrations of the universe, so the choice of music is vital. Soft, soothing music that resonates with our body waves induces stillness of mind and brings us close to our conscious, but loud and obnoxious music can inhibit the flow of energy through chakras.

It is important to match the music with your mood that you intend to create. The selection of Zen meditation music is more about personal choice. Think of experiences that you've had and the kind of sounds you heard there. Meditation is a personal journey towards peace and the music should compliment your mind setup.

Meditation has a lot to offer, and the benefits and rewards of regular meditation can be life changing. Your music should allow you balance drifting off with the motivation to keep going.
 You can get the music of your choice online or at bookstores, music shops, and even in health and wellness stores. They are available in CDs or MP3's so you can be mobile with your meditation. Certain meditation music features spoken mantras or words to guide you during meditation while some others contain a collection of harmonies.


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