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Yoga bolsters

Being new to the practice of Yoga, it is always a good idea to give your body an opportunity to adapt to unusual positions that one has to go through. Always remember not to push your body beyond what it is capable of. The art and practice of Yoga was never intended to harm the practitioner’s body in any way. Without slowly adapting to the processes, one might end up pulling muscles, stretching ligaments, tendons, or even ripping them, though the latter of the four is extremely rare.

One such helpful item that some advanced practitioner’s even use is that of the Yoga bolster. A bolster is a cotton-filled cushion that comes in a variety of sizes and shapes. It is generally either round or square, round being the most common. The purpose of the bolster is diverse. However, it is mostly utilized as a cushion for the head, neck, or lower back. When considering the human posture, the head is the least likely use.

When performing Yoga, the practitioner generally does so on a hard surface, such as a hardwood floor, linoleum, or similar unyielding surface. It does not denote weakness to utilize cushions to make it less painful. The words Yoga and pain were never meant to be interrelated in any way.

When deciding upon the best type of Bolster for you, the best tactic to utilize is a simple one. Just lie down flat on whatever surface that you will be practicing Yoga on. Lie there until you start to relax. Let your body naturally sink into the floor. Now, take close note of what part of your body is not touching the bare floor once you are totally within a state of relaxation. This is your body taking its natural form. Wherever these points are that aren’t in contact with the floor is where you will get the most benefit from a bolster.

As for where to get a bolster, you can do a simple internet search of the words “Yoga Bolster” and you will literally find hundreds of thousands of results. One thing to keep in mind when purchasing a bolster is that you generally get what you pay for. If you purchase the cheap generic brand, you will get cheap and generic results. It is best to pay a little more for something that will last longer and be more effective.

Another thing to be wary of are Yoga bolsters that are filled with anything but real cotton. Other fillers that are often used instead will eventually begin to lose their shape and become virtually useless.

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