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When taking into consideration that most practitioners of the ancient arts of Buddhist Meditation, Yoga, and the more modern version, Pilates, are generally practiced within a particular room in the household, one would have to wonder what in the world the purpose would be for a Yoga tote. Surely, you are not going to pack your stuff up to take it from the living room to your meditation chamber?

Of course you are not, but there are still very good uses for a yoga tote. First, before we go too far into it, let us make absolutely clear that the Yoga Tote is not used for packing books, make-up, toys, diapers, or any other such object from point A to point B. If you want something for that, there are an abundance of really affordable diaper bags, duffle bags, and just plain bags out there. Packing foreign objects around in your yoga tote will inevitably leave you with a dirty tote. The reason that this matters is our first point.

Yoga mats are often expensive and must be handled with great care due to the importance of the mat to the Yoga practitioner. A Yoga mat is an integral part of the practitioner’s daily ritual, and after awhile, an individual will become attached to this particular cushion. Every cushion has a different feel to it; so just buying another cushion is no remedy. No, the cushion must be cared for and kept safe. This is where the Yoga tote comes in. When the practitioner is finished with his meditation, he or she will take the mat and put it in the tote. It keeps it clean and safe. The necessity for the cleanliness comes in when you realize that the constant laundering of the mat will eventually wear it out.

As for the yoga practitioner only meditating in his or her chamber, this is also false. If you will look at any person’s meditation chamber, you will find that it is decorated, even designed, to mimic a particular place that the owner feels at peace at. Nine times out of ten, this place will be somewhere outdoors. It could be at the beach or near a stream. Regardless, there is a place outside to match their peaceful refuge inside. Occasionally, the practitioner will want to meditate outdoors.

Therefore, we find that Yoga Tote is not just another lunch bag or hiking sack. On the contrary, it has a true purpose. If you are considering taking up meditation in any form, eventually you are going to need a Yoga Tote.

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