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It would seem that this day and age, going green and taking care of one’s self is an important part of our lives. Whether it be buying organic clothing, or taking it to the next level with yoga. We all are reconnecting with ourselves and nature, in one way or another. However, if you have found that you are hard-pressed for the time to talk about your latest passion for yoga. You might want to advertise your love of this calming exercise by wearing a yoga inspired t-shirt.

While they aren’t your typical t-shirt, and can be difficult to find if you don’t know where to look. They are still fairly simple to find. Simply take note of your yoga lessons and relax a bit. Finding a yoga inspired t-shirt is just a click away, utilizing your online search engine. Web sites such as this one, will offer a large selection for you to choose from. Giving you the opportunity to tell the world about your love for yoga, and all things green!

Available in all shapes, cuts, sizes, colors, and prints; you will be knee-deep in choices. If you aren’t sure which is right for you, you can always start out with some of our suggestions. Some of our personal favorite sassy yoga t-shirts being:

* Peace Love Yoga (donning a beautiful lotus on a white or black t-shirt)
* Yoga Rocks
* Namaste ( A beautiful font accompanied by lotuses, and brilliant colors)
* Yoga is difficult for the one whose mind is not subdued -Bhagavad Gita-
* Eat Sleep Yoga (Showing small pictographs of sleeping, eating, and doing yoga)
* I Love Yoga
* Chakra
* Got Yoga?
* Yoga makes a rough road smooth
* From that perfection of yoga posture, duality, praise and criticism, cease to be a disturbance.
* Savasana
* The Om
* Omeow (an adorable yoga spin-off for cat and yoga lovers everywhere.)
* Shanti Shanti Shanti Shanti (and then some!)
* Yoga Girl
* Yoga Guy
* Live life, love the ride with yoga!
* Hot Yoga Mama

These are just a hand-full of the t-shirts available for you to purchase. As you can see there are many different yoga inspired t-shirts for you to choose from. Whether you have a preference for the funny, serene, or just plain old yoga you will find the right fit for your life style!

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