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Yoga is just like any other sport, in that the right equipment can help you perform your best.  In addition to the right yoga mat, yoga pants, foam blocks, belts and straps, and a great instructor, video or book, good yoga socks can help you achieve yoga greatness.  Just like the right athletic shoes for runners and sport’s enthusiasts, yoga socks can provide comfort, support and aid in performance so you can master the art of yoga like never before.

There are many reasons to wear yoga socks.  The first is for comfort.  Many yoga athletes go barefoot, simply because that is their preference and it provides them with the comfort that they need.  But others might have poor circulation, or simply dislike cold floors, and will require a warm comfortable sock that will keep their feet at the right temperature so they can focus on their yoga poses, breathing, and state of mind, rather than on their freezing toes and ankles.  There are a few choices if warmth is your main reason for shopping for yoga socks.  Cotton and bamboo are great choices because they are breathable and warm at the same time.

Another reason to wear yoga socks is for the added support and grip they give you during difficult poses.  This is important for yogis with poor balance, or who are attempting new and advanced poses.  For this reason, yoga socks are usually built with special sticky footing that prevents skidding.  Many of these socks will also be available toe-less, for easier gripping and balancing during poses.

Another reason you might be shopping for yoga socks is to keep your feet clean and hygienic in a yoga class or gym setting.  This is especially important if you are taking a class where equipment is shared, or where there are lots of classes and students.  Fungus and other problematic germs tend to gather on feet because of the moisture and places to hide.  Prevent any contact with bacteria and fungus by wearing yoga socks in your yoga, gymnastics, pilates, and martial art’s classes at all times.

In addition to yoga socks, there are a few other comfort items that can facilitate a better yoga class by keeping you warm and protected.  Leg warmers aren’t just for 1980’s ballerinas, they are quite fashionable and let you wear your favorite shorts or leggings to class while still keeping your legs warm.  This is great if you are never sure what temperature the yoga studio will be, because you can keep them with you and throw them on easily whenever needed.  Yoga sandals, on the other hand, are great for practicing balance and keeping your toes spread for better yoga posing.  They are also hygienic and comfortable.  And if you feel the need to clean your yoga mat thoroughly after a big class, then you should consider special yoga mat washes that will keep bacteria away.

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