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Whether you are just beginning, or have been practicing yoga for years. You might wonder what use props have in yoga. While some instructors don’t focus on the use of props often in their classes, many will. This is especially true when the instructors find themselves teaching a class filled with older generations. Remember, yoga isn’t just for the young! It’s for the young at heart as well. Despite age, sex, or level of experience you may need yoga props to safely execute some of the moves.

Many people who suffer from stiffness and pain are often times referred to yoga, mostly for it’s healing nature. However, with additional stiffness you will need to use a few props to help you achieve some of the poses. Thankfully, any yoga instructor should be experienced with and without props; which will help keep anyone safe during their sessions. But, what do you do it you aren’t attending classes? Many dvd yoga instructors will offer different methods to yoga. Some may offer training with props, others without. If you are prone to stiffness or pain, you should look for dvds utilizing props as stability during your yoga sessions.

While some props may be easily attained such as a wall or chair, others will take a little more thought and preparation. Yoga props include anything from non-skid yoga mats, which are used to keep your body cushioned without the risk of slippage. As well as other items such as yoga blankets that offer padding and support, yoga straps and belts to help your stretching during your sessions. The list below is meant to enlighten you in the different props that can be purchased for yoga, giving you a leg up in being prepared for your class.

* Non-slip yoga mat
* Yoga blanket
* Yoga belts
* Yoga straps
* Yoga bolster
* Yoga blocks
* Yoga bench
* Wall rope
* Yoga sandbags
* Back benders

There are of course many more props to use for yoga, the above being the most popular. Remember, props help any yoga practitioner to conserve and replenish their energy during a yoga session. Whether you are fit or using yoga to treat an illness, props will help to make poses more accessible and safe for everyone. The use of props will help to prevent injuries during your lessons, or to help lessen the strain on old injuries. So, whether you are a yoga beginner or a self-proclaimed expert; remember to always use your props!

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