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Yoga positions for beginners

Beginning your yoga exercises can be intimidating. There are so many positions, and some very complicated and hard to learn. Fortunately, there are many beginner positions that are easy to learn and will help you become confident in your yoga practice.

The first thing to realize about learning yoga positions for beginners is that every asana has a modification. This gives the novice an opportunity to practice many different types of  poses.
The principles of yoga don't exclude anyone based on body or knowledge limitations. When you combine mind, body, and spirit together, that focus is what builds skill and balance.
Consider starting your yoga practice in a yoga class under the specialized guidance of a certified yoga instructor. An instructor routinely checks your form and teaches you to perform the poses correctly, thus protecting you from injury and ensuring you get the most from every practice. Class and instructor interaction enhances the feeling of unity that yoga encourages, and fellow classmates provide insight into the practice and lifestyle. Finally, what you learn in class makes home practice easier.

The Mountain Yoga Pose is used to center the body, focus the breath, and as a transition to other poses.
The Warrior Pose has many variations, making it a very accessible yoga position for beginners. The Triangle Pose helps beginners understand what it means to activate certain areas of the body and achieve balance. The Seated Forward Bend  provides a wonderful stretch for anyone’s skill level and helps a yogi calm the mind before moving on. The Plank Pose  is a strength-building pose. The popular Upward Facing Dog Pose is one of the many energizing poses in the Sun Salutation Sequence. The Seated Spinal Twist  will help beginners continue to deepen twisting poses as skill level increases. The Lotus Pose is the traditional meditation pose. The Corpse Pose is a healthful restorative pose, usually done at the end of practice.

Again, be sure to consult with an expert so you can learn the proper poses for your yoga health and well-being.


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