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Yoga nidra

Yoga Nidra, otherwise known as the yogic sleep or sleep of the yogis in the English language. Has come from many different century old yoga traditions. It is thought to be a religious extension of Hindu belief, however that isn’t the case in the modern world. Instead it is a fairly uncommon style of yoga, that focuses on the mental wellness of it’s practitioners.

Yoga Nidra has been proven aid those suffering with anxiety overcome these drawbacks. Simply by relaxing the body and mind through a ‘conscious deep sleep’. However, it’s lack of asanas (or postures) have caused it to become one of the less popular forms of yoga around today. Though, with much detriment to the yoga community; since they are missing out on a wonderful way to reconnecting with their inner energy.

While this style of yoga may not be vigorous, and you shouldn’t have to consult your doctor to participate. It is still important to speak to the Yoga Nidra teacher in your area. Since it does take so much trust to perform this style of yoga, you should select a teacher that is a better fit for you and your personality. Making it possible for you to gain the most benefit from this style of yoga.

When you begin to practice Yoga Nidra, you will find that with visualization techniques; you will find that you will hold the key to understanding your mental form better. However, despite it’s focus on sleep. This isn’t a replacement for the standard seven to eight hours required to keep us going!

Much like any of the other specialty styles of yoga, it is always a good idea to participate in a more main stream yoga style as well. The Nidra yoga style is particularly well suited to combine with your standard Hatha yoga practices. Since they both focus so heavily on aligning one’s inner energy. Allowing for a more balanced yoga practice.

Now that you have decided to take the next step in your yoga practice, it’s now time to find the perfect Yoga Nidra class for you. While they aren’t readily available in the United States, it is still possible to find them locally. Or at very least a standard yoga class, that revolves around the practice of Yoga Nidra.


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