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Whether you are new to yoga, or a yoga master who has worn out their yoga mat; sooner or later you will find yourself looking for a yoga mat to add to your arsenal of yoga supplies. While many people have the misconception that they can just purchase the first mat they see. It simply isn’t true. Unfortunately, some manufacturers of mass-produced yoga mats aren’t concerned with the longevity of the product. Instead, skimp on the quality to get you to purchase them more frequently. Which of course can and will lead to a much higher bill, than if you would have just spent a little more time and money in finding the perfect yoga mat. Not to mention the ability to purchase a yoga mat free of that rancid chemical smell. Of course, this means taking some time to do your homework before that big purchase.

Even if you decide to purchase a chemical laced yoga mat, there isn’t any proof that it will cause health problems. However, I can tell you to keep them out of heat for too long. Anyone who is prone to headaches might not enjoy the smell that comes off of them when they are.

There are several different types of mats to look for when choosing that perfect yoga mat. Some being a jute or cork yoga mat. Which are extremely affordable, and are considered to be an earth friendly alternative to your mass-produced non-organic yoga mats. However, they can also come with some different drawbacks as well. They are both extremely porous mats. Which ultimately means they will absorb any sweat during your yoga classes. Of course causing them to be fairly un-pleasant to smell after a few months of use and can be fairly weak. However, despite the fact that they don’t last a long time; they would be well-suited for someone that only takes a class once or twice a month.

The more popular rubber yoga mat, is by far a yoga practitioner favorite. They are known for their durability, low prices, and they are made out of a fairly sustainable material rubber. However, when you are purchasing a rubber yoga mat; you might run into synthetically produced mats. So, if it is important to you to keep the earth in mind; keep a keen eye out for “naturally made” rubber mats. One other con is that they should be avoided at all costs if you are allergic to latex. Instead look for a phthalate free mat, which should help to ease and possibilities of an allergic reaction. So, as you can see despite the popularity; even the front-runner of yoga mats can have it’s pitfalls. Despite the one downfall they are by far one of the most long-lasting mats on the market today.

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