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Yoga mat cleaner

You're at the gym for your daily yoga class. You roll out your mat and realize it might be time to clean it. Who wants to work out on a scuzzy yoga mat? And what is that smell?

The first thing you should do is check any manufacturer's information for specific instructions on how to clean your mat. Then you'll want to give you mat a good, long bath. It's really the best way to wash your mat. You can use a drop or two of mild dish soap and a splash of white vinegar to help. You'll want to roll your yoga mat up in a large towel to remove as much of the water as you can, then unroll and hang it over your shower curtain rod, a towel rod or clothes rack to dry completely.

Periodic yoga mat maintenance will help keep your yoga mat fresh in between bathtub washings. Frequency of maintenance depends on how often you practice yoga and the amount of sweat your mat is exposed to. Keeping your feet clean can help too.

To keep your mat clean, you should get a package of wipes. You can keep them in your yoga workout bag and it just takes a moment to get a wipe, take care of your mat and get working. A good wipe will dry quickly and can provide a soothing fragrance during your workout. There are organic soaps that are available, for those concerned with their effect on the environment. You can carry the soap in a small, pocket-sized bottle that will also fit in your bag.

There are many types of mat cleaner or spray available, or you might even venture to make your own. Combine one part water with three parts white vinegar and a few drops of your favorite essential oil like tea tree, lavender or grapefruit seed extract.

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