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Yoga for insomnia

You are probably one of the many people in this country who suffer from insomnia. You toss and turn, and still can’t fall asleep. You try over the counter sleeping aids and still can’t fall asleep. It is a problem than many people face, and have run out of ideas how to get some much-needed sleep. However, many people don’t look to yoga for the answer. Yoga? Seriously? Yes! Yoga can benefit your sleep in more than just one way. It has the ability to make your quality of sleep become improved due to the stimulus effect yoga has on the nervous system. Along with increasing blood circulation to the sleep center in your brain, which will help to normalize your sleep cycles.

During the use of yoga as a sleep-aid, you may find that you need less sleep to feel rested. This is because yoga can increase the productivity of your body, in eliminating the toxins from your blood stream. It has been proven to help rejuvenate the body in a cellular level, as well as a balance of mind and body.

Along with helping you to sleep better, yoga has the potential to relieve stress, tension, as well as fatigue. This is helpful in the aspect that you will wake from your sleep more rested, rather than wishing for that extra ten minutes of sleep. It has been speculated that for every minute you spend with yoga, is a minute you will spend in restful sleep at night. While it isn’t proven, many people vouch for this speculation. Giving it a thumbs up approval of many who love yoga and suffer from insomnia.

As with any prolonged problem with sleep, you should first consult your doctor. They will have the ability not only to prescribe medication, but to give you direction to the best yoga master in town. Making it less stressful and easier to find a yoga teacher who understand insomnia, and will focus on the poses that will help you to find relaxation.

What have you got to loose? It takes mere minutes a day or week to attain the restfulness that yoga can offer. While it might seem to put a damper on your daily schedule in the beginning. You will find yourself better off for spending that fifteen minutes a day practicing yoga. Whether it be at home with a dvd instructor, or a class filled with like-minded yoga lovers. You will find the peace of mind, and the much-needed rest you have been looking for.

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