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Yoga for anxiety

In this stressful life, chances are you will suffer from anxiety at one point. But, what is anxiety exactly? How is it different from just being upset or down? Well, anxiety is a state of worry or fear where the reason is usually unknown. While mild anxiety is normal in all of us, it can be detrimental when it is taken to an extreme. Severe anxiety can cause nausea, palpitations of the heart, difficulty breathing, fatigue, head or chest pains, and restlessness. Of which can be detrimental to someone’s life, in many different ways.

There are several different kinds of anxiety disorders, some well-known others aren’t. The most talked about is panic disorder, otherwise known as a panic attack. Of which has many different symptoms that can be disruptive to your life. It is the feeling of sudden discomfort or fear accompanied by sweating, dizziness, trembling, and sometimes breathing difficulty. While panic attacks aren’t usually long-lived their thirty minute potential can ruin your day. Other anxiety disorders are: post traumatic stress disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder, phobias, and generalized anxiety disorder. All of which stem out of the same place, anxiety and high stress situations.

While anxiety is usually treated by psychotherapy and anti-anxiety medication. The process of healing can also be helped by practicing yoga! It can help those who practice develop a much stronger state of mind, as well as preventing the dangers of anxiety. Remember, practicing asanas can help to maintain a healthy nervous system. Along with the practice of paranayama to gain a self-awareness and peaceful state of mind. Yoga has the ability to help you through your anxiety problems. However, even though it is a big player in the treatment of anxiety; you shouldn’t rely on yoga alone. Never try to skip out on medical attention if you are experiencing severe anxiety problems. Instead, using yoga as a tool to aid in your recuperation.

Yoga helps in many different ways with anxiety. It requires that you move and breath slowly, being conscious of your body and mind. All of which have been proven to ease your body’s potential reaction to anxiety. It has also been proven to lower heart-rate and gives you the ability to relax your tensed muscles.

Once you have spoken with your doctor about the symptoms. They will give you what you need to help your anxiety. However, whether or not you are diagnosed with an anxiety disorder or simple daily stress; you can ask that your doctor refer you to the right yoga class. Giving you a leg-up in the fight against anxiety, with a teacher who understands and cares how you are feeling. Remember that without your participation, yoga can’t help you. It is imperative that once you have decided to use yoga as a means of relaxation, you should continue your yoga practice. Whether it is within a class session or at home.

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