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Yoga charts and posters

The practice of Yoga had its origin in the East specifically in the country of India. India is still the sole power house of Yoga. It is opined that the enlightened yoga gurus of yester years created yoga techniques using yoga charts and posters with guidance from the Gods themselves. Although volumes of reference materials were written on the subject, up to the present, these methods were closed monitored in secrecy and the knowledge was passed on across generation, just through word of mouth. These yoga techniques were very powerful that there was an urgent requirement for profound secrecy to as to avoid these techniques from falling into wrong hands, which could lead to disturbing scenarios.

In the past days, an individual searching to learn Yoga had to study in an ashram, serve the Guru and the ashram on small jobs for some time, even years, until his attitude develops trust in the Guru. Once the individual comes out successfully after this deep probe, the practitioner is likewise introduced to the techniques of yoga, meditation and austerity.

However, as of the moment, we are fortunate, that yoga lovers have altered to be more flexible. Enlightened gurus have realized that in the modern and fast paced world, as it is today, a would be student would not have the endurance or time to learn yoga in this manner. Just think, what would transpire if Yoga is forgotten for the fact that there is very litle time. Given the situation and its outcome, the yoga lovers have developed fast techniques of yoga suitable for the present conditions in the world which includes getting the right you charts and posters. Are these types of Yoga effective? Of course they are! We all know, it was carts for the yester years, but planes today for travel. Similarly, yoga seemed to be slow yesterday, but moves up the ladder and have gotten to be scientifically refined and result oriented, today.

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