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What is a yoga blanket? Who can use a yoga blanket? Or at least, that is what you might be thinking when confronted with the option to purchase one. A yoga blanket is an important yoga prop, that many people have long forgotten during their yoga lessons. Despite the fact that they make a very versatile prop for yoga; many people don’t seem to realize the need for one. That is, until they are caught un-prepared during a weekly lesson. A yoga blanket can be used for many different poses, as well as the meditation before and afterward. Helping to make it one of the highest priority yoga props around.

A yoga blanket can be used to raise the hips above the knees, whenever a seated pose calls for it. As well as a cushion for any reclining poses that you might be asked to do during your lesson. Not only that, but it can be used as any other blanket can; to keep you warm while you are practicing the final relaxation during your yoga lesson.

You might be under the same mis-conception as many, that yoga blankets are ugly and useless items. Instead, you will find that they have endless uses during yoga class; as well as being extremely beautiful to look at. From the common Mexican-style yoga blanket that is often found during yoga class; or a more contemporary style yoga blanket can be obtained. There is a slough of colors and prints available. All of them able to help keep both your yoga lessons safe, as well as your fashion statement intact.

Another plus side to yoga blankets, is that they are extremely affordable. From a price-point of ten dollars all the way to hundreds of dollars for designer yoga blankets. There is something for everyone with these handy yoga props. The only true unfortunate part of yoga blankets, is that they aren’t as readily accessible as many would like. No mass-market retailer carries quality yoga blankets, instead offering cheap knock-offs. For this reason, you should trust in your local and online yoga specialty stores. They will often times giving you more bang for your buck, and a quality that you can’t question. Quality is key for anything, and that would include yoga blankets as well.

While you are searching for the perfect yoga blanket, you can consider several alternatives. Not only in prints and colors, but fabrics and the way they are made as well. From your traditional factory manufactured yoga blankets, to a more environment friendly version made to be “green”. So, with all of the choices available to you; why not select a couple for your new (or experienced) life in yoga?

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