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Yoga and diabetes

Diabetes is known to be a devastating medical condition. Of which affects millions of people throughout the world. Diabetes doesn’t care about the age, gender, or nationalities of the people it harms. Instead it is a wide-spread disease that afflicts many people who are at their wits end with the ailment. However, despite the fact that diabetes is so wide-spread. Many people still aren’t sure exactly what it is, and how to treat some of the symptoms.

Diabetes essentially makes those with it unable to absorb glucose in from their blood cells. Of which is caused by either the decrease of insulin or an insensitivity of the cells that respond to present insulin. Whichever the cause, the end result is always the same. There is a low level of glucose in the cells, and an excess amount of glucose in the blood stream. Which results in a decrease of blood flow to all areas of the body. It is this symptom of diabetes that can cause many other problems. It can lead to vascular damage, diabetic retinopathy, kidney failure, neuropathy, urinary problems, as well as the loss of limbs.

The medical world has labeled two different types of diabetes that someone may have. The first being called as Type 1 diabetes. Known as the insulin dependent or juvenile diabetes. In this form of the disease nearly no insulin is produce. Often times being found in young children and young adults. However it is still known to affect people under the age of forty years of age, and fewer still people over the age of forty. It is type 2 diabetes that is extremely wide-spread. Which is considered to be the non-insulin dependant type of diabetes. In this form there is only a reduced production of insulin. Normally attributed to degenerative processes. Commonly seen manifested in those over forty who are overweight.

It was through clinical research that we have found that yoga plays a role in helping the symptoms of diabetes. While many treatments are those that will help stimulate the pancreas through drugs or controlling glucose levels; physical exercise has been known to help as well. However studies in India have found that in contrast, it may be a psychosomatic disorder instead. In which the major causes of diabetes are sedentary habits that are both physical and emotional. Of which are all treated by the regiment of yoga.

As you might already know, yoga is known to address the whole person. It isn’t just physical or mental needs that are being met. Everything is wrapped into one with a yoga lesson physical, mental, intellectual, as well as spiritual aspects of the human being is stimulated in yoga.

There have been many studies of the affects of yoga on those with diabetes. All of which point to the same conclusion. It can help to stave off some of the more severe symptoms of diabetes, all while getting you back into the form of mind, body, and soul that you need to be in. Through relaxed positions and meditation, you can help to alleviate some of the more debilitating symptoms of diabetes. However, even with the proof behind clinical studies. It is always important to speak with your doctor prior to starting an exercise regiment.

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