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Women's lounge pants

One of the nicest things about being a woman in the modern age is the wide variety of apparel that is not only available, but entirely acceptable as well.  No more dressing up in your best dress and heeled boots to go to the grocery store, unless you want to.  The rest of us will enjoy our women’s lounge pants without feeling guilty, because they are just as fashionable and fun as anything else, plus they are actually comfortable!  If you need the perfect pair of women’s lounge pants to take you through your week, let us help you with our loungewear shopping tips!

The first rule when shopping for women’s lounge pants is to get something that is comfortable.  After all, if you aren’t going to be comfortable, then you might as well watch TV in an evening gown or go get the paper in your tightest pair of jeans.  With so many different styles of women’s lounge pants available, you’re sure to find something that is perfect for your body and lifestyle if you just have a few basic ideas in mind.  First, consider the waistband.  Do you prefer a drawstring or elastic, a fold over or something that always stays put?  Second, ponder fabric choices.  Cotton is soft and breathable, but Spandex and polyester are more flattering.  Most women choose a blend for the best of both worlds.

The second rule when shopping for women’s lounge pants is to choose something that is fashionable.  With all the choices that are available, we can’t get away with wearing our husband’s baggy old sweatpants around town anymore.  But that doesn’t mean you can’t have a cute fitted sweat pant with a collegiate-like logo, a nice vivid color and cropped elastic legs.  If this isn’t your style, then how about selecting a nice sleek yoga pant, with a flare leg and a flattering fold over waistband?  Get one pair in black and another in a fresh, bright color so you’ll always have the right lounge pants for any errand or fitness class.

The third rule in women’s lounge pants is wearing them properly so you still look put-together even if you are just getting a pint of ice cream at midnight.  You’ve seen the girls in the television dramas, the women in the catalogs, how on earth do the make looking casual and laid-back so cute?!  First, it’s important to pair items properly.  If you’ve got a looser sweat pant or drawstring yoga pant, then you should wear a tighter top, to keep the look balanced.  Another trick is to show the right amount of skin.  For example, you should pair copped lounge pants or lounge shorts with t-shirts or sweatshirts, and pants with tank tops to avoid looking like you have no idea what season it is or where you are.  Finally, choose the right lounge pants for the right venue.  Well-fitted yoga pants can work for a Saturday of errands, but it’s best to keep slouchier items to early mornings and late nights.

Finally, when you are shopping for and wearing women’s lounge pants, make sure to make it your own.  Wearing something that isn’t your style will only throw people off and make you uncomfortable.  If you have a closet full of dark business suits, you probably won’t like a bright pink track suit-opt for the dark slim-cut pants instead.  On the other hand, if you tend to dress more artistically, in fresh colors and prints and breezy cuts, you’ll probably be more likely to actually wear lounge pants with the same style.  Don’t waste time and money on something that isn’t you, stay true to yourself even when you are dressed down.

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