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Washing and caring for your yoga mat

To the avid and active Yoga practitioner, the mat eventually becomes a part of ones personal space. It becomes integral a necessary part of the actual sessions also. A Yoga mat is like a pillow in a lot of ways. Once you have used the same pillow for an extended period of time, simply picking out another pillow when it gets old is not an easy thing to do. A Yoga mat will eventually become THE Yoga mat if you use it long enough. With this in mind, we can begin to see the necessity of making your Yoga mat last as long as you possibly can. Taking certain measurements to extend its lifespan to the maximum can do this.

First, do not consider that the term “proper care” only goes into effect after the mat is dirty and worn. Proper care begins when you begin using the Mat. Wherever your Yoga space is, always make certain that the floor is clean beforehand. There are, after all, only two surfaces that your Mat should come into contact with. One is the floor, and the other is you, which brings us to the next item.

Take a shower before every session. Even the cleanest individual in the world begins to excrete certain chemicals from their pores as they engage in any physical form of exercise. The cleaner you are going into the session, the cleaner your mat will be when you are done.

With the pre-cleaning options finished, we will move on to the actual after-usage cleaning. Most mats, if properly cared for, will only need a cleaning once per month. If you notice a spot or a little dirt on it, just lightly wipe it with a damp cloth (warm water only) and then dry it with either a paper towel or a terry cloth.

However, if the mat is pretty soiled and it has been awhile since the last cleaning, fill your tub with cool water and a very mild detergent. Go very easy on the detergent always. Excessive detergent can do undetectable damage to your mat. This damage can start to become obvious over time.

Some people prefer washing their mat in an actual washing machine, however, most experts advise against this as it can put a lot of wear and tear on your mat, causing it to degenerate at a faster rate.

Remember, as long as you take care of your mat, it will take care of you!

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