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Vini yoga, (or Viniyoga) is known as a method of yoga therapy. While many people consider this style of yoga to be too religious, it is simply a misconception. The name Viniyoga for this style has many different meanings in Sanskrit. From separation (or detachment) or application, there are many different meanings that you can come to call Viniyoga by.

While in technical terms in Hindu religious literature, it is a standard guide to the religion. It’s modern form isn’t as much about the religious aspect, so much as the healing form of yoga. This is of course a common mis-conception due to the roots of yoga practice. While yes, there are a few teachings in Viniyoga (and any other form of yoga) that can be thought of as spiritual. They are meant as tools to make life better.

Viniyoga is thought to bring out the best in all of it’s practitioners. However it does require an understanding of each of it’s students conditions and overall potential. You will find that your Viniyoga teacher will spend more time trying to understand your own limitations, helping you to meet your overall goals. Simply because they know that everyone’s limit and capabilities differ greatly. Making this a wonderful form of yoga, for those who seek a little more personalization.

Even in it’s meaning Viniyoga is known as adaptation. Simply because each person will require a different method of self discovery and transformation. All of which is achieved through a series of one on one conversations and classes with your teacher. Of whom should be a proven certified Viniyoga teacher. Remember! You don’t have to select the first Viniyoga class you come into contact with.

As with any other yoga style, it is important that you are comfortable. This comfort level can be achieved by interviewing and asking questions of the local Viniyoga teachers. Allowing you to select the right teacher for you, who will help in achieving your overall fitness and mental well being goals.

Lastly, as with any other yoga Viniyoga does have it’s limits. Despite being great for beginners and advanced practitioners alike. It is important to know what you are signing up for! This is a fairly gentle style of yoga practice, but it will still have it’s limitations (as any person does as well).


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