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Types of meditation

There are so many different types of meditation. Some of them are doing the same thing, some of them completely different. Because there are so many, I’m only going to cover a few. I would suggest exploring them all and finding the one that best fits you, the one you’re most comfortable with.

I’ll start first with Buddhist Meditation. This is a constant state of meditation that can only come with time and practice, as with all forms of meditation. The goal here is to liberate you from what they believe is a delusion of what is normally seen as real or reality, to not be ignorant and give into cravings.

Biblical Meditation is recognizing the meaning of specific subject with great thought and consideration, always looking for the answers. Being about to empty your mind and refill it will the word of the Bible. Become detached from things of this world is to live in a Biblical Meditation.

Christian Meditation is believed that God will lead His people, in prayer and worship. As long as they surrender to him and follow his will, not their own.

Catholic Meditation wants you to think, have an imagination, emotions and desires. They believe it brings you closer to faith, allows you to see what’s in your heart and strengthens your will to follow Christ.

There are also types of meditation that are not religious and just focus of specific things. One way is to just watch and concentrate on controlling your breathing. Another is empting your mind from al thoughts, trying your best to keep your mind clear. Or walking meditation, where you aimlessly walk with no destination and no thought in mind, bringing your attention to your body movement and breathing. There is mindfulness meditation, where you concentrate on nothing thing, but what’s around you and more importantly what’s going on inside you while keeping your breathing controlled.

Like I said before, there are so many different kinds of meditation and so many different ways to do it. Just think about what you’re trying to achieve and go from there. Ask around to people you know are in to meditation, see what they suggest. Just remember what you’re goal is and keep your thoughts positive.

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