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Transcendental meditation

The practice of transcendental Meditation is not only that, a practice, but also, it seems, a product. You see, transcendental meditation is actually a technique that was revealed in the latter part of the 1950’s by one Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.

The actual practice itself is a twenty-minute process, utilized two times daily. The practitioner will close his eyes while sitting down, allowing his mind to transcend to a peaceful mental place. Maharishi Yogi tells us that transcendental meditation is actually an evolution of the Vedic tradition, originating in India in ancient times.

Transcendental meditation involves seven different and unique steps requiring certain outside influences. There are lectures mentioned in the steps as well as interviews. This is not something that just anyone could attempt without the proper information and sources of knowledge and guidance.

The actual results of transcendental meditation have garnered great interest from many different sectors of the professional health community. Since the great influx of the practice, as well as an excessive amount of testimonials on health results by individual practitioners, such elite and highly regarded medical presences as The Stanford University, the Harvard Medical School and the highly esteemed Yale Medical School have taken countless specialized polls and researched the long term results of this theoretical practice.

Of those studies, there have been some actual factual results, tested in depth, stating that there are real physical changes as a direct result of the ongoing practice of transcendental meditation. Among the many physical conditions that have showed and improvement directly related to this metaphysical process are a drop in high blood pressure, decrease of the stress of ageing, a reduction in insomnia issues, cholesterol issues, and a general well being. It is almost as if the practitioners of transcendental meditation have managed to somehow strengthen their immune system.

Studies have also shown that transcendental meditation can greatly reduce mental issues, such as desire for alcohol, drugs, and nicotine, and stress issues. The knowledge that stress itself can lead to many physical ailments makes this process almost priceless to one who would hold his or her health in high regard.

Although there are very many doubtful comments still floating heavily around the medical community. However, the National Institute of Health has obviously given the process some solid credibility as they have invested well over twenty million dollars in research funds towards the long-term effects of transcendental meditation on the human heart.

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