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The different styles of hatha yoga 2

While the many different styles of Hatha yoga may vary in some degrees, the basis of them all remain the same. All of them seem to aim at the root balance of the mind, body, and soul (or spirit) through the use of asanas (or poses). While the execution of these poses and the end goal, will vary; the results are often times the same. They always seem to pull out the negative energy from one’s body, whether it be physical or mental. All while helping the practitioners to find an inner balance.

You may even be surprised that all of the sub-styles of Hatha yoga have the same (or at very least similar) roots in the yoga world. Some so close to one another that the creators were students of the same yoga institution of the Mysore Palace located in India. These three styles; Astanga, Iyengar, and Viniyoga were all coined by these past students. All of which were taught the same lesson plans, who broke out to create their own forms of Hatha yoga.

While on the other hand, other forms of Hatha yoga such as Integral and Sivananda were created by the disciples of guru Sivananda.

Despite the fact that they are all slightly different from one another, no one Hatha yoga style stands out from the rest. All of them are focused on the alignment of one’s body, mind, and soul. However the approach may be tweaked ever so slightly from one to the other. Making it a simple act of self preference to find the perfect Hatha yoga style to fit your personal needs.

One of the first sub-styles of Hatha yoga to be created is Ananda yoga. While it is a classic form of yoga, its practices can still be seen very alive in modern times. Through the use of asanas (poses) and pranayama (breathing techniques), teachers of this style of yoga seek to awaken one’s chakras. Of which are thought to help promote healing both physically and mentally throughout the world of yoga. Another major focus of Ananda yoga (one of our Hatha yoga sub styles), is the controlling of one’s own emotions. Thus making it the perfect style for anyone trying to help in the treatment of depression.


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