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The different styles of hatha yoga 4

While there are many different styles of Hatha yoga to be found throughout the world. Not all of them have become as main stream as the others. Simply because they are too difficult for your average yoga practitioner, or the fact that they do hold a higher religious connection in the yoga community.

With that said however, it is still important to know and understand all of the many different styles of Hatha yoga, that you have to choose from. Making you more knowledgeable, and apt to choose the perfect style to fit your schedule, physical fitness level, and overall abilities to exercise and meditate.

Some of the other Hatha yoga styles that you may hear in passing conversation are:

*Iyengar yoga: which is one of the best known styles of Hatha yoga. Simply due to it’s creator having been such a major face in the yoga community: B.K.S Iyengar. It is one of the most prescribed styles of yoga for injury management to date, due to its use of props.

*Kali Ray Triyoga: A style of Hatha yoga that is known to focus on spinal health. This style of yoga is great for beginner to advanced yoga practitioners.

* Kripalu yoga: otherwise known as “Yoga of Consciousness” since it focuses a great deal on the alignment of your body. Through breathing techniques and overall fitness of one’s mind; it is a gentle style of yoga to practice.

* Kundalini: A brilliant style of Hatha yoga founded by Yogi Bhajan in nineteen sixty nine. It is an older style of yoga that revolves around the healing of one’s spine.

* Sivananda yoga: This is by far the best beginner yoga styles available. Since it does focus on teaching the ways of yoga so greatly, you can learn a lot at this Hatha yoga style’s class.

While there are many different forms of Hatha yoga, these are some of the most popular. However, if you are still interested in learning more you can further your information on : Svaroopa yoga, Viniyoga, Jivamukti yoga, Bharata yoga, and lastly Nude yoga. Following up on information about all of these forms of Hatha yoga will prove beneficial.

In closing, it is always important to contact your doctor before starting a new exercise routine! Never just jump in head first, since this can promote injury. Regardless of the ease of the yoga program, this should be the first step to bringing yoga into your life.


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