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The different styles of hatha yoga 3

Anusara yoga, founded by John Friend in nineteen ninety seven is also considered to be a style of Hatha yoga. With the mentality of hatha yoga and a slightly different mix of Tantric philosophy. This style of Hatha yoga has become an instant hit with many of our yoga practitioners today.

The next sub category of Hatha yoga would be Ashtanga yoga. While this style isn’t considered to be the best for beginners; it is by far one of the most intense workouts in the yoga world. During your class you can anticipate a high speed practice that will flow from one pose to another. This of course is also not the perfect match for anyone who may have limited abilities. While yes, yoga can help in promoting healing; this style of Hatha yoga is far too hard on the body to aid in recuperation or healing of injuries. Although, it is thought to boost the fitness level along with the mental healing as well.

If you are looking for something a little smoother, you may consider the Hatha yoga style Bikram yoga. Simply because it is a lighter workout. However, that isn’t to say that this style of yoga can’t be challenging. Due to the fact that it is practiced in a heated room; pregnant women or people prone to heat stroke should NOT practice this style of yoga. The overall movement in Bikram yoga may be smooth, but it does provide you with many challenging and unique asanas to perform. Making it the same entry level as Ashtanga yoga. It is definitely for the experts! However with that said, if you think you are up to the challenge; Bikram yoga is known to be one of the best fitness styles of yoga around. With the heat promoting profuse sweating, you will find yourself in shape in no time!

One of the Hatha yoga styles that is a little more beginner friendly is Intregral yoga. With an emphasis on Pranayama (or breathing control and techniques), along with meditation; you will find that this style of yoga is slightly softer on the body. While it does help to control and boost your overall physical strength. This isn’t always the main focus of this beautiful style of Hatha yoga.


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