the pros and cons of all the different styles of Hatha Yoga. It is important to understand that the risk factors, as well a

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The different styles of hatha yoga

Chances are if you have ever heard of the word “yoga”, you have at very least heard the style of Hatha yoga keyed in conversation. Simply because as the ever growing popularity of yoga rises throughout the world. So in turn does the popularity of it’s number one style of yoga, that has become a steadfast and broadening form of yoga.

While it may not hold it’s popularity in as many continents as some of the older forms of yoga, Hatha yoga is continually growing. Especially in the United states. This is contributed highly to the fact that it does evolve with the times. Rather then sitting stagnant in an ever changing population. It keeps up with the times.

Despite the fact that yoga is growing in popularity during this “green” minded decade; it hasn’t always been at the top of the fitness chain. Rather, it was thought to be practiced by Buddhists and Hindus only. Luckily for all of us, it has become a main stream method of uniting body, mind, and soul.

However during these times of lack of interest, Hatha yoga still managed to develop into the many different sub styles that we know and love today. Allowing us to call many of the different main stream styles of yoga that are practiced, by one root name “Hatha Yoga”.

Despite it’s popularity, not everyone knows the many different styles that fall under this core name in the yoga world. For this reason we have compiled a list of the major sub-styles of yoga, that are considered to be that of the overall bigger picture of Hatha Yoga. Making it easier for you to decide from the many different forms of Hatha yoga there are to choose from.

Before we take the time to lists the benefits of each sub-style varies greatly. Making it important for you to familiarize yourself with any one style before signing up for a class. Always.. Always.. Always.. Know what you are getting yourself into!

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