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Tantric yoga

It is a well-known fact that Yoga, as a generalized art, is the practice of perfecting some aspect of an individual’s existence. This could comprise the physical well being, spiritual formation, or mental ability or mental perfection. The distinction between forms of yoga, though each one is practiced in a different manner, is not so much as the format that you utilize but the source, which you seek to alter or perfect. Some Yoga techniques are for mental reasons, some for physical, and some for spiritual. However, some techniques actually are meant for more than one of these aspects, some for three. The variety of Yoga techniques is truly endless. Nevertheless, there is one form that is likely sought after more than the rest. Though prized and desirable, this technique is also the most difficult to learn and master. This particular format is known as Tantric Yoga.

Some early documents actually trace the roots of the practice of Tantric Yoga as far back as time of the Indus Valley civilization. This era was synonymous with that of the early Egyptian dynasty. There has been a progression over the centuries, an occurrence that seems to happen in most traditional arts, of the practice and true meaning behind the concept of Yoga. To say that Tantric is not what it used to be would be a very extreme understatement.

If one studied the art in depth, focusing on the original archaeologically found documents, he or she would find that Tantric Yoga is on a scale above most other forms of Yoga. The focus is on such a broad scale, such a massive possible format, that it surpasses all other forms in its point of purpose.

Though actually putting the purpose of this age old art in words is difficult, it could possibly be summed up best as “The ways and Means for solution of all forms of conflict from two viewpoints, on all scales.” In non-technical language, the focus is to destroy any non-duality, be it from the focal point of the inner psyche, a wife and a husband, or even a parent and a child.

Though it is a hard concept to truly grasp, it can be made simpler by a look at how we phrase things. In one aspect, you have a man with a wife and two children. In the sought after teachings of Tantric Yoga, if successfully performed, this group of people is “A family.” Are you beginning to see the overall picture here? Instead of individuals (Plural) living together, you have A (singular) family. It is the process of making more than one into one.

To actually conceive of the purpose of this practice beyond the family, we must look at the modern world as the place of duality that it is. The teachings of modern times are those of individuality. “Be yourself.” “I believe in me.” You get the point. These days, it is all about three people, me, myself, and I.

Perhaps if we could truly delve into the Tantric teachings, we could become one family, one company, one people, one country, one continent, and yes, even one world.

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