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Swara yoga

Swara yoga, keyed from the meaning musical note in Sanskrit. Is also thought to be known as the continuous flow of air (through one nostril). It is thought that this style of yoga is meant to help aid us through the awareness of the flow of breath through one’s nose. While yes, many styles of yoga revolve around breathing exercises, Swara yoga is the first to take it to the next level. Allowing us to get a better grasp on our body’s inner workings. Teaching it’s practitioners how to breath with one nostril, and then the other. Making us aware of our body during this time.

While it does indeed include asanas, it is more focused on the awareness of ones body. Making it a great method of relaxation for it’s practitioners. Despite the fact that this style of yoga is a beneficial one, many people may choose to combine it with something slightly more physical. Allowing for an overall healing and awareness of one’s body.

This style of yoga has just begun to reach it’s peak in popularity, however the ancient Tantric practice has been around for centuries. Allowing us to better understand the success of this style of yoga. Especially since it has stood the trials of time, and has made it in modern times.

Although it has reached it’s peak in popularity, it isn’t quite as popular as some of the other styles of yoga. Simply because it isn’t quite as physically focused. Many people who choose to add yoga into their lives, simply wish to add another fun and easy style of physical fitness into their lives. Rather then focusing on breathing, we do that anyway right? Wrong!

Throughout our daily lives; we find ourselves bombarded with stressors. Causing us to take shallow breaths throughout the day. Thus giving us only enough air to sustain living, if that. Many people will find themselves fatigued due to this fast pace breathing. Of which can be aided in the practice of Swara yoga.

What are you waiting for? Even if you are practicing another style of yoga, the combination of Swara yoga and your other choice; can help to bring your physical and mental fitness to the next level!


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