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Restorative yoga

There are times when people can have trouble doing certain yoga poses. That’s where restorative yoga can help anyone surrender completely too modified poses with props. Restorative yoga poses are referred to as active relaxation to help rebalance the body’s energy, restore health, reduces stress and illness.

Restorative yoga is made for anyone of any age, more so in times of feeling weak or fatigued. The props will help the body relax into the pose giving you the full effect.

The props you can use with yoga will only help. You won’t need them for every class and not ever pose. Your Yoga teachers will inform you when it’s best to use what props. You can use a folded blanket or bolster to support the curve of the back and behind the knees; you can even use the blanket to cover up if you’re feeling cold in savasana or other poses where you won’t be moving, just relaxing. You can use an eyebag while deep breathing. Yoga straps to get the extra stretch, or use a yoga block if you can’t quite make it to the floor.

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