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Yoga classes and instructors


Yoga clothes and supplies resources
Enhance your yoga practice with our extensive line of affordable, top quality yoga mats, yoga mat bags and a variety of yoga products. Sun Valley Yoga invites you to browse through our site to find the products you’re looking for to make your yoga workout more enjoyable.

Sun Valley Yoga - Yoga Mats and Supplies
Browse through our cute yoga mat collection in a variety of colors and prints with matching yoga mat bags.

The tantra guide
Guide into the mystic world of Tantra meditation and practice.Tantra is really about who we are, something that deep down excites you. This something empowers us to reach for the stars with clarity and understanding.

Meditation, relaxation and healing resources

Meditation is

Mystic healing art
To give Hope. To offer Art, Teachings, Orientation for Your Healing, Meditation, Reflection. Experience the 156 galleries with thousands of Inspirational Writings and Healing Artworks.

Yoga mind control
Yoga Mind Control is all about the development of consciousness; spiritual growth, through yoga, meditation and mind control. In order for
an individual to attain enlightenment, it is extremely beneficial to have some essential knowledge. This website is created for that
purpose. makes Meditation easy to learn and understand, and brings you the benefits in the shortest possible time. Our online courses with personal guidance and support, show you how to Relieve Stress, Improve Every Aspect of your Life, and Fast Track your Potential.

Relaxation at home
Relaxation at Home provides useful information and recommends products that you can use to reduce your stress levels in the comfort of your home.
Topics covered include: aromatherapy, astral travel, book of the month, candles, comfort food, feng shui, home spa, meditation, sleep, stress, yoga
and much more.

Self improvement and personal growth

iManifest iMeditate Ezine
Weekly ezine about manifesting & the law of attraction, empowerment & personal growth, spirituality, meditation, motivation & success, attracting abundance & prosperity. Includes articles, quotes, tips, & downloads. Learn how to be at the right place, at the right time with the right opportunities.

Stress coping self-help tools
Welcome to your virtual SPA. Discover free and natural stress remedies.

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