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Raja yoga, known as another style of Hatha yoga that was introduced in the early fifteenth century. Has become yet another popular form of yoga, often times practiced throughout the world. The term Raja yoga, is simply a retronym for this style of Yoga. Which is based on the yoga sutras found in Patanjali. It has of course come to be known as more then just an extension of these meditation practices. Instead, becoming it’s own entity itself.

Raja yoga is also referred by this name due to it’s focus on the mind’s health. While it is rare for most yoga styles to revolve so closely around the mind. This style of yoga takes mental health seriously, allowing one to calm themselves through both asanas (poses), breathing techniques, as well as meditation.

It is thought that through self control and motivation, the practitioners of Raja yoga can find an overall mental health. It is through the feeling and perception of one’s own mind, that they will find the healing properties of this style of yoga. Causing them to find an inner peace.

Due to it’s focus, this style of yoga is particularly well suited for all levels of practitioners. From beginner to expert; everyone can benefit from practicing Raja yoga. You may even find yourself asked to participate in this style of yoga by your doctor. Especially if they wish you to treat an existing mental illness. Allowing for you to become uplifted with knowledgeable teachers, who are certified in aiding people to find themselves again.

Unfortunately for many, raja yoga isn’t as readily available as many of the other styles of yoga. While it can be found throughout the world, it isn’t always offered in each place of yoga practice. Making it one of the harder to find yoga styles in America.

However with that said, it is possible to find a Raja yoga class near you, by utilizing the world wide web. Allowing for you to narrow down your search to a geographical area. If you are so lucky as to find a Raja yoga class available in your area, it is still important to sit down with the teacher. Simply because you must have chemistry and trust with those who teach you yoga. Allow time for questions that you may have about the class, before you sign up for your new yoga practice.

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