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As with any other style of yoga, Power yoga can be found anywhere. Almost every city in every state will have power yoga classes. However, despite it’s availability; it isn’t always for everyone. You will of course need to talk to your family doctor prior to adding power yoga into your daily routine. Simply because it does have such a high risk of injury. Chances are if you have physical limitations, this isn’t the style of yoga you should practice.

Most gyms suggest talking with your doctor prior to adding any exercise routine to your life, this would of course include power yoga. While it is possible for you to sign up to a class without this permission. It is highly cautioned not to over-stress your body trying to get fit from ground zero, using power yoga.

If you are trying to treat an injury through yoga, Power yoga is not the style to participate in. While yes, yoga is prescribed by doctors to treat injuries such as sprains and breaks. This isn’t as forgiving as some of the gentler forms of yoga. In those situations you should seek out a class that offers props and one on one classes.

Now that you understand the risks of power yoga, it’s now time to focus on the positive. Power yoga is the powerhouse of all yoga styles. Helping you to gain lean muscle, while helping improve your lung capacity. It does this by the practice of vigorous asanas (or postures). Often times flowing from one to another.

You will find that your teachers may ask you to meditate at some point during your power yoga session. However these periods are usually limited to just before and after your power yoga session. Allowing your body to unwind and relax enough to achieve the greatest results. Think of it as the warm up before your exercise. All exercise requires for you to ‘warm up’ before the real work begins. Simply because this will help to prepare your body for work.

Before your Power yoga session, it is advised that you don’t eat right before. However, it is important to drink plenty of water. Giving your body what it needs to perform the exercise.

Now that you understand Power yoga, it’s time for you to find the right class for you! What are you waiting for.


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