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Power yoga was invented by two well known American yoga teachers, who were credited with the simultaneous creation of this style of yoga. These two teachers being Beryl Bender Birch, who was a teacher founded in New York City; and the Los Angeles teacher Bryan Kest. While neither knew the other was creating power yoga, they had similar foundations in yoga.

Both had studied with Sri K. Pattabhi Jois (an Ashtanga yoga master). Of who’s style of teaching seemed to stick with the two teachers. Allowing them to become inspired to create Power yoga. While both styles of Power yoga may differ slightly, they both seem to be founded on the same principals; thus becoming known under the one name we all know them by “Power Yoga”.

When deciding on adding Power yoga into your daily life, you will need to research your local Power yoga classes. While they are all generally the same, they will tend to vary greatly from teacher to teacher and class to class. Making it important to sit down with your local power yoga instructors; so that you can better understand what kind of class you will be signing up for.

However with this said, you must first understand the difficulties that you may face when choosing Power yoga over the other, more gentle styles of yoga. As stated previously, power yoga is not for beginners! That is to say most of your out of shape people, aren’t going to find power yoga easily accomplished.

Most of your power yoga practitioners already have a foundation in exercise. They will be physically fit, and enjoy the task of exercise. Simply because this style focuses so greatly on one’s body; rather then your mental state. While there are some small sections of chanting and meditation involved in Power yoga; you will be learning through asanas (poses) and vigorous movement.

Remember, while it is important to know your own body’s limitations with other styles of yoga. It is of the utmost importance, so much so that we cannot stress enough; that you need to know when your body is done in power yoga! This will help to prevent over-exertion and possible injuries.

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