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Power yoga, known as the world’s most vigorous styles of yoga around. Is by far one of the most popular styles of yoga available to practice. However, it’s name is only keyed greatly in the Western world. Simply because it is the powerhouse style of yoga. Despite the fact that it has made a name all its own, there are many different styles of Power yoga. Most of which are based closely on the style of yoga called Ashtanga yoga.

Power yoga didn’t come to be known by that term of endearment until the early nineteen nineties. When many of Ashtanga certified teachers, sought to make this style of yoga available to the Western states. However, despite the similarities to Ashtanga yoga; power yoga doesn’t follow the same usual flow of asanas (or poses) as it’s predecessor. Thus making Power yoga a style that has come to stand on it’s own two feet.

Despite the fact that yoga has been around for centuries, it was Power yoga that brought it into the height of popularity. Allowing everyone in the Western world to enjoy this newly formed style of fitness. In turn bringing the many other styles of yoga into the lime light of the fitness industry.

Although Power yoga differs greatly from many of the old styles of yoga, you will find that it still focuses on the basics. From strength and flexibility, all the way to the curing of one’s mental state. However with that said, power yoga is best known for it’s ability to get you fit. Rather then a heightened sense of spirituality, it revolves more around getting you physically fit. This is due to the fact that it is such a powerful form of yoga. Often times considered to be up beat and fast moving.

Due to the fact that Power yoga is so fast moving, it isn’t always the best place to start for beginners. Instead, it is thought to be the perfect resting ground for experienced yoga practitioners. Making it a great method of furthering your yoga practice, to gain a healthier you.

In this series of articles we will focus greatly on the history and the practice of Power yoga. Allowing you to make the decision of “is this style right for me”. Gaining you knowledge of this brilliant style of yoga, that can be used in making the big decision.


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