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Pilate’s machines

The purpose of a Pilate’s machine is not to bulk up, but to tone, widen you rang of motion with better flexibility, lengthen and strengthening muscles. It helps control movements made to strengthen muscles all throughout your body starting at the core. They can also act as resistance strength training. The great thing about the Pilate’s machine is that you only need one; all the accessories for the machine can be combined with it at any time.

There are a couple different types of Pilate’s machines, but essentially they all give you the same results. You should speak with a Pilate’s instructor, tell them what specifically you’re looking for and they can give you the best advice.

The Reformer is the most popular. There are two types; spring reformer which uses springs for resistance and gravity reformer which you use your own body weight. They are both a sliding carriage that has foot bars, jump boards and last but not least leg and arm pulleys.

The Cadillac is mainly for trapezes. It’s the same as the reformer, but without the bars. The Wunda Chare, which is like a bench only taller. It can be used standing or sitting. Of course the Mats, this is a must. Most Pilate exercises are done on the floor focusing on the trunk and hips of the body.

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