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Pilates Exercise Regimen

Imagine a type of exercise that could do more than just make you stronger or help you lose weight. What if there was a type that could actually improve your posture, help prevent future injuries, improve you coordination and balance, and make you better at physical sports. What if the positive aspects of this theoretical regimen didn’t stop there, but when on to make you more flexible, improve your sense of touch, make it easier for you to move, make you stronger, and even alleviate back pain? Of course one exercise regimen could not possibly do this, could it? Yes, it could and this program goes by the name of Pilates.

A regimen that could do all this would likely be considered some new system that required high-tech exercise equipment, probably recently discovered by researchers after years of study. On the contrary, the Pilates program came to exist in the year 1880, over 100 years ago, in Germany. Pilates was the concept of a man named, you guessed it, Pilates. When he was just a boy, Pilates was slammed with one physical issue after another, such as Rickets, Asthma, and unusual bone formations.
As a stubborn young man, Pilates refused to accept the conditions as permanent, and sought to find a way to retrain his body, make it more flexible and durable. After many years of self induced training in meditation and physical fitness.

The compilation of Pilates study came in the form of a regimen that was built upon the principle of balance. The idea was to find a point where strength and flexibility could meet on equal levels. At the same time, it also focused on the balance of the body, the mind, and the spirit. After studying a bit more into his theories of balancing these three, Pilates stumbled upon the eastern theories on equality of calmness and centeredness. All of this coupled with the western worlds approach to exercise (motion, and strength) he brought together his new and ultimate exercise program, the Pilate Regimen.

The overall concept of the program, though there have been many offshoots over the decades, is centered around concentration of movements, the use of the bodies center (lower back/abdomen), and smooth movements, as well as that of controlled breathing. There are many great sources of information on the Pilates regimen, and once you start delving into them, you will find that there is a mass of different techniques to it. Though this might be a bit confusing at first, there are ways to choose the correct one for you, as each way focuses on a different aspect of your being and well being.

Consult your physician on the subject. Most doctors are very much for the Pilates Regimen, as it has such a success rate from past test programs.

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