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Meditation cushions

If you hear the words “Meditation Cushions” and begin to laugh at how ridiculous this is as well as a waste of money, then you are obviously oblivious to the entire concept of meditation. For most practitioners of the ancient arts of meditation, these cushions are not a luxury, but a necessary tool. Consider the bicyclist. How well would his practice of riding go without a seat? Meditation cushions go along those same lines of logic.

The overall intent of the practice of Yoga, Pilates, and Buddhist Meditation is to find a mental, emotional, and physical place of peace. Once you consider how hard it is to find peace on all three levels at once, you begin to see the necessity for this tool of the trade, metaphorically speaking.

Most forms of meditation require that the individual be in a sitting position. Granted, some can be practiced in a chair, but most practitioners of meditation find it extremely difficult to truly find peace in a chair. Think about it. One of the aspects that bring peace is comfort. While you may get lucky and find one of the few one hundred percent comfortable chairs in the world, you are likely lacking elsewhere. Another requirement to find true physical peace is that of space. If you are in a chair, you have chair arms to the left and right, and the chair back behind you. To be totally honest, you have less personal space in a chair than virtually anywhere.

With a meditation cushion, the only lack of space you will experience is beneath you. Unless you can fly, that is always going to be an issue anyway.

Another concept to take into consideration is that of the physical form of the body. You will never find peace sitting your curved body on a hard flat floor. There are absolutely no parts of the human body that form fit to a flat surface perfectly. The meditation cushion, however, will form around your body, instead of your body having to form for its dimensions.

Now that we know the reasoning behind the necessity of the Meditation cushion, we have to get one. Will any old cushion do? Why not use a pillow? Simply put, a regular pillow is just not soft enough. While shopping for a good meditation cushion, you will find hundreds of ads for just plain old cushions. They are very inexpensive, but then, you tend to get what you pay for. In the long run, it is wise to go with the real thing.

A true meditation cushion will be filled with one or two rare materials, the Kapok and Buckwheat Hull. Kapok is an interesting material in that when you blow into it, it becomes firmer. Buckwheat is a more grainy material that forms to the body when weight is applied. Either one are perfectly acceptable for your meditation cushion. It really depends upon personal preference. In the end, you might spend a few more dollars, but you get something that will really make a difference and last a whole lot longer.

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