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Mastering the yoga basics

Savasana is the first basic yoga pose to learn. It will help teach you how to relax your entire body with full complete breaths. First begin by lying on your back, if you need a pillow under you knees to take the pressure off your lower back, please make yourself as comfortable as possible. Next start your four way breathing. Four way breathing is filling both lungs and both sides of your diaphragm (four sections) completely. When you inhale imagine the air coursing through your whole body head to toe, relaxing further into meditation as the air leave every muscle. Picture the oxygen as a white light cleansing your entire body, bit by bit. When you exhale image the air discolored, like toxins exiting your body leaving you full of light and feeling relaxed.

When practicing Savasana you want your mind to stay as clear as you can. Don’t worry about thoughts interrupting your meditation, just let them pass and continue concentrating on relaxing your body with full complete breaths. Remember keep your thoughts on white light cleaning all the toxins out of you body, while staying relaxed.

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