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Kripalu yoga 2

Kripalu yoga is known to work on both the muscular and skeletal systems through the positions (or asanas) used throughout it’s practice. However, that isn’t all that this brilliant form of yoga is known to help. It has been proven medically to aid in respiratory, digestive, immune, nervous, and circulatory systems as well. That is if you practice it on a regular basis.

While there are many physical benefits to adding Kripalu yoga to your life, there are also mental plus sides as well. Whether it be your overall energy levels or your down trodden spirit, all of them can be lifted and heightened by the practice of this yoga style. It is said that to practice Kripalu yoga is to find the depth and greater possibilities of one’s own body.

This soothing style of yoga has been used as a tool of self empowerment. Often times contributed to it’s practitioner’s personal growth. There are many people who have chosen to practice this form of yoga simply due to it’s healing nature. Allowing it’s followers to gain a knowledge of not only their classmates, the yoga practice, but themselves as well. Making it by far one of the most self revolving forms of yoga that is being practiced today.

With all this talk about self help and self healing, you may beginning to wonder if there is any actual yoga involved in practicing Kripalu. But you can rest assured that there is! As stated before, there are many physical benefits to practicing this style of yoga, rather then just mental benefits. Making it one of the most well rounded yoga styles available for you to choose.

Fortunately for you the unique combination of mental and physical health awareness in Kripalu yoga is key. Whether you are in poor physical health or at the top of your game; everyone can benefit from this creative and fairly new style of yoga.

Remember, that despite the fact that this style of yoga does indeed tend to revolve around mental health; there is still some physical requirements. While you aren’t going to be asked to perform acrobatics. It does still require a little bit of balance.

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