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Kripalu yoga, known for it’s methods of combining the body, mind, spirit, and overall energy. Has begun to gain popularity in the world of yoga. One of the biggest focuses of this beautifully rhythmic form of yoga is prana (or the overall flow of energy/energy pulsations throughout one’s body). It revolves around the usual belief that you should try to unblock any of the clogs that may have built in your energy. Whether they be from our usual mundane lives, the hustle and bustle of work and home life, or even an injury.

It is thought that Kripalu yoga can aid in healing one’s body, mind, and spirit of the imbalances or diseases that plague us. It is thought that every act that is performed in life can affect either positive or negatively our lives and energy. For this reason they focus on helping to clear this foggy haze that so many of us often times find us in.

Through breathing techniques, asanas (or physical postures), deep relaxation, and meditation; they try to heal their practitioners. Most Kripalu yoga teachers certified to help you let loose throughout your class, all while keeping you level headed. They are also taught to help you shed the layers of stress you might have picked up throughout your daily life. Often times considered to be a healing process by many who choose to practice this form of yoga. Simply because it is so well known in the healing world.

Often times one of the most prescribed forms of yoga by doctors for pain management. Simply because they perform what seems to be miracles. While the medical field may not consider the miracle work of Kripalu yoga, they do have proof behind scientific studies. Often times producing great results for their injured patients.

Although Kripalu yoga is so highly spoken about in doctors offices, that isn’t to say you should jump head first into a new workout routine. You should always consult your doctor before starting a new exercise regiment; since it can hold it’s risks. While Kripalu is one of the many softer forms of yoga, it still can pose a threat to those with certain diseases or limitations.

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