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Jnana yoga, otherwise known as the knowledge of the absolute, is greatly inspired by the Bhagavad Gita. It is known to teach four different principals throughout it’s classes, making it a yoga style that is fat with knowledge and lessons to learn. The four principals that has the meaning of salvation, of which is a very deep sentiment for a style of yoga.

The four different salvations or (methods) you will learn during your practice in Jnana yoga are:

* Vairagva which is known as the practice of detatching oneself from their surroundings. Allowing for a temporary relief of the world. This is also considered to be Dispassion in Jnana yoga.

* Viveka otherwise known as discrimination. This is the method of differentiating between what is real and in this world, and the otherworld or temporal (everything else in the world and universe).

* Mumukshutva known as an intense longing for the liberation of temporal limitations. Of which is also taught in Jnana yoga.

* Shad Sampat is the six virtues that are taught throughout this beautiful style of yoga. From the controlling of one’s mind through tranquility and stillness of mind. You also will focus on Dama, which is the means of controlling one’s own senses. However those aren’t the only ones you will be focusing on. You will also learn Uparati, Titiksha, as well as Shamadhana which is known to help those who learn it perfect overall concentration. The last of which you will learn is Mumukshutva. Which will help you to learn your own temporal limitations and any intense longing for liberation that you might feel.

While this might seem to be a lot of learning outside of your usual yoga practice, it all holds a very deep connection to the practice of Jnana yoga. Most of your traditional Jnana yoga classes will focus greatly on these six virtues and salvations (methods) throughout your lessons. However it is possible to find a more modern Jnana yoga class, that won’t revolve so closely around the study of religious belief.

Once you have decided to add Jnana yoga into your possibilities of yoga practices. It is important to determine which method of this ancient yoga style. Only you can decide to get the most out of your Jnana yoga practice.

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