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Jnana yoga, a form of yoga that has a structure steadfast in the roots of yoga. Often times it’s practitioners will learn all about it’s beliefs such as Dharma, Artha, Kama, Karma, Moksha, Bhakti, May, Puja, Samsara, Bhakti and many others. While it might seem to be one of the more religiously charged styles of yoga, it is still gaining popularity in this main stream world.

While Jnana yoga’s practice does follow many different scriptures:

* Vedas
* Ramayana
* Upanishads
* Mahabharata
* Bhagavad Gita
* Puranas
* Dharmasastra

To name a few, it isn’t so religious that it cannot be accepting of other religious beliefs. Making it still a great choice in the style of yoga you may wish to practice. However, with that said; you will need to put forth slightly more study time outside of the classroom for Jnana yoga. Simply because you will be asked to participate in some of it’s learning.

Some classes go as far to ask you to know and understand Hinduism, the many gurus and saints throughout the world, as well as Hindu law. However, that isn’t to say you cannot find a slightly more relaxed Jnana yoga classroom. Especially since there are countless hundreds of certified Jnana yoga teachers throughout the world.

This of course leads to having countless local (and not so local) Jnana classes to choose from. However, due to the religiously charged nature of Jnana yoga; it is of the utmost importance to talk with your teacher prior to enrolling. There is nothing worse then being taught by someone you don’t respect. Simply sit down with your potential teacher, coming prepared with a few questions that you need answered prior to choosing any one teacher’s classroom.

With that said however, it is also equally important to be prepared for your Jnana yoga class. Too many people come unprepared to their yoga classes. Whether that be without their props such as a yoga mat itself; or if you simply don’t understand the undertaking that you will be taking on. Making it of the utmost importance to study up on this, or any other form of yoga you may choose to participate in.

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