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Jhana yoga

Jhana yoga is a form of meditation that allows you to reach enlightenment, with great practice you can obtain this state of mind all the time. This is a type of knowledge and understanding for you to live by using you’re energy, thought, emotions in a more effective way.

What is this enlightenment and how you find it. They say enlightenment is to follow the path of truth. People search everywhere for the true path, but they forget to start within themselves first. Not looking in your thoughts, but in your heart. When you find the truth within your heart, you’ll then find it in life and as well as in the universe. We can find truth by observation, looking through the heart and letting it lead you into meditation where your mind is in a peaceful state of being.

This is a very difficult form of meditation to constantly achieve and it can only come from practicing deep self-inquiry. In doing so, you will learn to understand the true nature of our mind and go beyond what you perceive as reality. Learn to live moment by moment and all the truth in that moment alone.

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