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Iyengar yoga 3

Iyengar himself developed this popular style of yoga to help in healing several ailments, diseases and physical disorders. From insomnia, menopause, high blood pressure, and depression all of these ailments are thought to be cured by practicing this style of yoga. While thought alone might not be enough for you, it has already been medically proven that simply practicing yoga makes you healthier. From it’s focus on breathing, controlled movement, as well as your daily meditation; you start by clearing out the overall negative energy that your body may be harboring.

One of the most studied yoga styles medically, Iyengar yoga has been proven to help in physical therapy. Making it one of the most commonly suggested forms of holistic healing methods by doctors. Causing it to have a leg up over many other styles of yoga, and particularly well suited for those with mental or physical disabilities that they wish to treat.

During your training in Iyengar yoga, you will find that you focus greatly on asanas (poses or postures) in conjunction with pranayama (breathing techniques). Both of which have been linked to healing one’s body and mind. Simply because we go through most of our lives slouched and taking shallow breaths.

Our bodies simply aren’t meant to bend and slouch over a desk, nor are we suppose to take quick breaths. Instead, we should fill our lungs; focusing on our breathing. Simply because this practice will help to reset your body’s method of breathing. Re-training it to get the most out of their lungs.

Some classes may even begin to touch on the awareness of your own personal ethics. Thus helping you to make more positive decisions throughout your life. So as you can see, Iyengar yoga isn’t just another means of working out. Instead it is one of the few yoga styles that promote a lifestyle. Helping you to build a healthier and happier body.

In closing, you should consider finding your local Iyengar yoga teacher. While it isn’t always possible to find this exact style locally, it is possible to practice this form from home. With little risk of injury through the use of props, it is one of the few acceptable home yoga styles.

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