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Iyengar yoga 2

This beautiful and ever growing form of yoga (Iyengar yoga 2) is known for it’s overall attention to detail. With a finely honed focus on the body’s overall alignment. Thus helping us to reduce our stress through the use of props such as benches, blocks, chairs, straps, and sometimes even yoga sand bags.

Iyengar yoga 2 is particularly well suited for the beginner yoga practitioner. Due to it’s slow focused movements and the added control with props. It can even be found prescribed by doctors for their injured patients. Simply because it has been proven that gentle forms of yoga can help promote healing. Not only mental healing as many might think, but it can promote physical healing as well.

Unlike many other fitness routines that may be used for the healing process, Iyengar yoga 2 is far more gentle. It has very little risk of exacerbating your existing injury, thus making it perfect for anyone. Whether you are young, old, fat, thin, healthy, or have a disability. This certain popular form of yoga is suited for everyone.

With the use of props in this ever popularized style of yoga, can also help to relieve any pressure on your muscles while doing asanas (poses). While some other yoga styles may ask that you perform these asanas with your body alone, Iyengar yoga 2’s practices are forgiving to anyone who may not be physically fit.

This making it the perfect choice for anyone who wishes to break into this brilliant means of getting fit. However, with that said; I can’t stress enough the importance of contacting your doctor before starting a yoga routine. While it is common sense with your standard fitness routines, many people neglect to talk to them about yoga. Always, always, always contact your doctor first!

Unlike most of your other styles of yoga, Iyengar yoga 2 is known for it’s instruction methods. While many other styles of yoga may have the self help ideals, Iyengar yoga 2 is vocal in it’s teachings. Often times being instructed quite verbally and visually, before you even begin to practice your asanas. This is particularly helpful for those who may struggle with learning on their own. Allowing you to gain the lessons that you may need to practice yoga safely.

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