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Hot yoga 2

Hot yoga as you have already now learned, is the practice of a high paced yoga in a heated room. While this might not seem like that big of a change, you would be surprised at th difference you will feel. This definitely isn’t your mother’s yoga class! Allowing you to reap the many benefits that yoga has to offer, without having to add in an extra exercise routine to loose weight. Thus making it the choice of many practitioners.

Although Hot yoga is becoming more popular in the yoga world. It isn’t suggested that entry level practitioners start with this form. Simply because it is more taxing on one’s body. Making it hard to learn the basics, without having to stop and think about them first. This is a fast pace style of yoga, that focuses more on the means of losing excess pounds; then the usual love of your body and mind. While you might learn about these subjects in small doses, you will be too busy moving to truly get a lot out of it in the meditation aspect of yoga.

For this reason, if you are new; you should try a basic beginners yoga class first. Allowing you to gain a little bit more knowledge on the asanas (poses) and breathing techniques, before jumping head long into hot yoga practice.

However once you begin your practice of hot yoga, it is important to understand the history of this fairly new style. Bikram yoga (or hot yoga) was created by the well known master Bikram Choudhury. Of whom is battling the world of yoga for his creation. Trying to make it impossible for those who haven’t become certified through his university of yoga to teach this style. Whether it be in a hot room or the twenty six yoga poses that he himself created for Bikram yoga. While he continues to fight for his creation, the most he has gained from this battle is the name of his yoga style. While many know this yoga style as Bikram yoga, most un-certified teachers will refer to it as hot yoga. Simply because Bikram Choudhury is a controversial figure in the yoga world. Rather then to stir up a mess, other yoga practitioners simply call it by it’s main stream name.


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