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Bikram yoga, otherwise known as hot yoga is a somewhat new term in yoga practice. While it hasn’t been on the radar of conventional yoga for long. Hot yoga has taken off as the new style of yoga for weight loss. While yoga isn’t typically meant for weight loss alone, hot yoga is meant exactly for that. Much like other forms of yoga, it does still aid in bringing body and mind together. However Hot (or Bikram) yoga’s focus does tend to revolve greatly around not just the mind, but the physical fitness of the body as well.

But what makes Bikram yoga ‘hot’? You might be asking yourself. Well, while it might seem somewhat unorthodox, “Hot yoga” as it is coined in modern society is the practice of asanas (or poses) within a heated room. While this might not seem like much, the sheer fact that you will practice yoga in a room of up to one hundred degrees may be a key to why it is lovingly called hot yoga. As you might have already figured out, this is the major reason why you get such weight loss results.

However it isn’t just the heated rooms alone that provide weight loss results. The vigorous movement that is performed in Bikram (or Hot yoga) also helps in the loss of weight. Simply because the combination of the two will promote profuse sweating, which is known to help you loose weight; as well as detoxify your body. Making your body warm, more flexible, and overall healthier.

In this series of articles you will learn all that there is to know about hot yoga. Making it an easier choice in whether or not it is the style for you. First and foremost however, you should understand that this isn’t a style that is friendly for all. It is cautioned against allowing children practicing hot yoga, as well as anyone who may suffer from fatigue. Simply because the heat can cause injury for those susceptible to it. Thus making it important to consult your doctor, prior to starting this form of yoga.


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