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Finding the right yoga pants

Finding the right yoga pants
Yoga pants are now one of the most popular loungewear items, especially for women.  They are great for all kinds of workouts, including any type of yoga, and can even be worn instead of jeans or other casual pants.  They are truly an integral part of the active or lounging wardrobe.  If you would like to have a pair of yoga pants that you can wear from yoga class to the supermarket and still feel like you’ve got it pulled together, then you might need tips finding the right yoga pants.  There are several things to consider, so let us help you get the yoga pants that will be perfect for you.

The first step in finding the right yoga pants is deciding and assessing what exactly you will be using your yoga pants for.  If you plan to just use them for yoga, then you’ll want a performance fabric, a nice tight fit, and maybe even a yoga one-piece.  If you plan to use them for all types of working out, then you’ll want a waistband that folds over so that the pants can be adjusted to different activities and a soft breathable fabric for comfort.  And if you want yoga pants for loungewear or style, then you’ll want a flare leg for comfort and fashion, and a neutral color like black or navy blue so your pants will go with anything and you can easily throw a look together in no time.

The next step in finding the right yoga pants is to decide what kind of fit is most comfortable and compliments your body type.  Yoga pants have many waists, from drawstring to elastic fold-over.  The drawstring yoga pant will be more of a loose fit and is popular for men.  These pants fit more like a pair of sweatpants and offer a high level of comfort.  On the other hand, elastic waistband yoga pants look and feel more put together, because they fit a little more like a pair of jeans or slacks.  These yoga pants can still be comfortable as long as you choose the right size, and they will stay in place throughout a variety of workouts.  They can also be very slimming when purchased in a dark color such as black and the waistband is folded over to just the right rise for your body type.

The final steps in finding the right yoga pants include deciding what kinds of special details you want.  This includes deciding what type of fabric is best for your needs.  Lycra Spandex blends are popular because they create a lot of stretch, making the pants more fit-flattering and long-lasting through many washes.  These pants will also stretch and move with you during complicated yoga poses.  On the other hand, cotton yoga pants are somewhat softer, and tend to offer a high level of breathability that many people prefer.  If you are concerned about the environment, then you might consider all-natural materials such as organic cotton and hemp.  These fabric choices are grown with a low impact on the planet and are often more comfortable as a result.

In addition to fabric choice there are a few other special details to settle.  Do you want pockets in your yoga pants for keys and change, or do you want a flat look instead?  Will you choose just one color, or select pants with two or more colors for fashion and uniqueness?  Do you want yoga pants that offer a full length, an ankle length or a crop length for summer and warm yoga rooms?  Do you like a little detail, perhaps some embroidery around the bottom of the leg or the waistband?  Finding the right yoga pants doesn’t have to be hard when you know what you want!

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