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Earth-friendly yoga apparel

Some yoga products are made in China, employing child labor and inhumane conditions. The inexpensive yoga products pay a heavy price in environmental damage, and in the health of their users.
Cotton farming is one of agriculture’s most environmentally destructive industries. Growing and harvesting cotton fiber for clothing and other products takes an enormous toll on our air, water and soil, not to mention the health of people living and working in cotton country.

A number of farmers and manufacturers are now producing organically grown, sustainable cotton and clothing without toxic chemicals. You can find earth-friendly yoga apparel on the internet or at local stores around the country. These business are committed to finding earth-friendly alternatives to toxic yoga clothing and props. If it's important to you to maintain a healthy relationship with your environment, there are plenty of options when you buy yoga clothing. Plus, there are very flattering patterns and designs available in earth-friendly yoga apparel. When you buy these kinds of clothing, you're making a statement about how you feel when it comes to the ecology of the earth.


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