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Dru yoga, the powerhouse of both physical, emotional, and mental yoga styles. While it has the same basis of focusing your mind through different posture sequences. Along with your usual method of attuning your mind to your bodies movements. However, that is where the similarities lie. Dru yoga has a steadfast foundation in ancient yoga tradition. Although despite it’s history, Dru yoga has kept a hold of an ever growing popularity in the yoga community.

The term Dru is known to have come from the Sanskrit word Dhruva. Of which holds the meaning ‘still’ or ‘unchanging’. Making a bold statement for this style of yoga, simply because it has indeed remained unchanged throughout it’s many years of practice.

While you may not understand the term Dhruvakasha, this is the focus of Dru yoga. This is considered to be a still and open space within ourselves. Of which you will begin to find through the practice of dru yoga. Allowing you to get away from the daily stress that we all feel in our lives. Especially since it is our own personal getaway that we begin to create within ourselves with this style of yoga. This is the place where we can seek our own inner strength and tranquility.

Despite the fact that many people may not think of this as true place in our bodies. There are hundreds of Dru yoga practitioners that would beg to differ. Simply because this special spot called the Dhruvakasha has become a part of their daily lives.

Fortunately for us all, anyone can participate in this ancient form of yoga. While there may be physical limitations in other styles of yoga. Dru yoga is simply one of the best styles of yoga for everyone. Despite any age, state of health, sex, or even your overall state of fitness. You will find that Dru yoga is good match for everyone!

Dru yoga is also one of the few forms of yoga that is prescribed by many doctors to their patience. Simply because it is such gentle style of yoga. Whether you are a senior looking for the means of safely practicing yoga, or if you are nursing an injury. Get yourself back into mental and physical fitness with Dru yoga.

As you already know, Dru yoga is the perfect fit for everyone! Whether you are looking for a style of yoga that caters to everyone in the family; or if you are simply limited in your fitness level. This style of yoga has a steadfast tradition of being one of the best styles of yoga for everyone to practice.

Like few other yoga styles, Dru yoga utilizes what is called soft body postures. Often times focusing on reducing stress for the beneficial effects that we all look for in yoga. But how does this work? Simple! Many of us carry our stress in our muscles. Of which can cause a great deal of stiffness and pain.

Throughout our lives we are bombarded with constant stressors. From raising the kids, working for a major corporation, or even simply driving from point A to point B. While we have many modern conveniences, it is often times these very technological advancements that cause the most stress.

For this reason we should go back to the ancient ways of yoga, to help us relax and unwind. Giving us the opportunity to shed our minds and bodies of this toxic feeling. Through gentle movements called asanas (postures), you will find that your stress melts away easily.

Some people have even found that just one session of Dru yoga was enough to get them up and ready for tomorrow. While many other forms of fitness are stressors themselves, Dru yoga focuses on your mental well being. Allowing you to reset your internal dialog as you become familiar with your own body and how it works.

The choice might already seem clear to you, that Dru yoga is indeed for you. Simply because you might not have the want to partake in something more challenging like power yoga. Instead, you would like to participate in something with gentle, soothing movements. This of course is everything that you can expect from this fantastic style of yoga. Not yet ready to take the next step into taking your stress relief antidote? By the end of this article series, you will have enough knowledge to make an educated choice on whether or not Dru yoga is for you!

Despite the fact that Dru yoga is extremely fitting for everyone to practice. This isn’t the only reason for you to choose this style of yoga for your new fitness plan. One of the more significant points of choosing Dru yoga over the others, is that it has it’s own special form of Energy Block Release Sequences (otherwise known as a series of easy to do movements). All of which are unique to this very style of yoga. Instead of recycling the same old poses as everyone else, Dru yoga stands on it’s own with it’s unique postures. Allowing you to think outside the box with this enchanting form of yoga.

Regardless of the differences between Dru yoga and other forms, there is still a large focus on learning how to breath. That’s right. Learning how to breath! While we may indeed breath in and out, it has been shown that we take too shallow of breaths throughout the day. Thus depriving ourselves of the quantity of air that we need to sustain our daily health. Often times contributing to our overall stress level throughout our lives. With these breathing techniques, you will find that it will help to release any blockage of energy in your body. Almost seeming to relieve yourself of any excess stress or pain.

It is these energy blockages that are believed to be linked to disease, pain, along with stress. However with the use of these EBR’s (or energy block release sequences) and breathing techniques. You can battle the daily grind of stress! With an overall improvement in your health.

You may even be asked to visualize your body healing in Dru yoga. Which is of course one of the parts that people struggle with. Many people don’t seem to believe that they actually have the power over their own bodies. Instead they rely too heavily on modern medicine to save them from their stress. While this isn’t to say you shouldn’t see the doctor. It is simply to say that Dru yoga does indeed have the power to teach you self preservation. Through meditation and visualization, you can too heal your body from the inside out.

As with any other style of yoga that you might choose to practice, it is important to be aware of your overall movements. This will help you to accomplish more then simple movement alone. Allowing you to become attuned to your body through Dru yoga.

Some of the sequences that you may find in Dru yoga are the Dru Sun Sequence which is meant to help boost your overall vitality, ridding yourself of daily stress. While the Seat of Compassion Sequence found in Dru yoga is meant to help rid any painful emotions you may have. Along with these few sequences you may asked to be perform the Salutation to the Four Directions, as well s the Introspection (otherwise known as the Immortality Sequence). Both of which will help to heal and change negativity. All in the hopes of giving you a new lease on life and in your thinking.

While this style of yoga may not be for you. I highly suggest taking a class or two. Simply because it’s roots are founded so deeply in the beginning of yoga practice. Allowing you to see what yoga was truly meant to be. Besides, who could truly not benefit from health and healing through yoga? If you said yourself, then you too need a lesson in yoga’s ways. Simply because it can help to alter your negative thinking patterns.

Remember as with any other form of yoga, it is of the utmost importance that you find a certified Dru yoga teacher. While it is possible to learn some of the basics of Dru yoga from home, it is fairly difficult to gain the most benefit from your home. With a certified Dru yoga teacher you will find yourself healing in no time!

Lastly, I cannot stress enough how important it is to contact your family doctor about new exercise routines. While many people don’t consider yoga to be exercise, after a session you will soon find that you are wrong. With a doctors advice you can help to prevent any unwanted injuries during your class. Don’t forget to enjoy yourself! This is suppose to be a relaxing exercise, not a chore. If it becomes stressful, chances are it isn’t the right type of yoga for you to practice.

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