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Bharata yoga 3

Despite it’s popularity in the United States, Bharata yoga’s roots can be found still in Amsterdam. Often times making a great stop in this beautiful country, as you learn about the overall roots of this beloved yoga style.

Remember that once you enter into a Bharata yoga class, you will be asked to focus mostly on your asanas (poses). Often times moving that focus from place to place on your body, until you have worked through your entire body. All of these poses will be held for what might seem to be a long period of time. This is because it forces you to focus on the correct alignment of your body, along with your breathing. Which of course translates into proper posture and a pain free Bharata yoga class.

While Bharata yoga may seem to focus on alignment, you probably didn’t realize that the name itself focuses on the precision alignment of ones body. Named after it’s ultimate goal in critical alignment of one’s spine. It is this critical alignment that gives Bharata yoga it’s flair. While many other yoga styles focus on one’s overall well being. This style focuses on the core of it’s practitioner’s problems.

Through controlled and gentle movement, it is thought that we can realign our bodies into their proper posture. Something that most of us have long since forgotten, despite what our mothers use to tell us. This of course can lead to many problems later in life. From back pain, leg and arm problems, even chronic headaches are linked to poor posture. Of course making it imperative to create an overall balance in our own personal health.

Fortunately, with Bharata yoga we are able to take control of our own posture. It has even been linked to the healing of people with severe back pain or leg trauma. Simply due to it’s overall attention to each core muscle group.

While it all might seem to focus too heavily on the spine, you will find that if you choose Bharata yoga as your style of choice; that, you will be exceedingly happy with your decision. Not only is this style of yoga healing, but it’s extremely fun and flexible as well.

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