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Unlike other yoga styles, Bharata yoga’s means of practice and teaching are focused more on the asanas. While some yoga classes may involve them a great deal, none seem quite so focused on this portion of the practice as Bharata yoga. Simply because during the course of a class, you will hold any one asana (or pose) for prolonged periods of time. This is simply because to achieve the goal of spinal alignment and to correct one’s breathing; it is important to relax into the pose. Thus making it an important part of Bharata yoga.

While there are many different styles of yoga to choose from, Bharata yoga is one of the few that are fairly new in world. Despite this fact of being one of the newer styles of yoga, it is by far one of the most popular. It is even speculated that since it is new, it has been given a modern flair; that many of the die hard yoga practitioners can enjoy.

This style of yoga as you have already learned, was developed with spinal health in mind by Gert Leeuwen. With the thought of assistance in dealing with our daily load of stress and frustration in mind. Helping us to gain back our overall posture, and control of our lives through the practice of yoga.

Despite the fact that many yoga styles focus around religious belief. Bharata yoga doesn’t seem to have a traditional stand in the belief structure of many yoga styles. Instead, rather then focusing on any one form of religion, it is centered around a physical healing rather then a spiritual or religious healing. Thus making it a friendly and peaceful style of yoga, that anyone can feel proud of participating in. Simply because it doesn’t focus heavily on religion, you won’t have to worry about feeling like you betray your own beliefs; to practice yoga.

Another definite plus to practicing Bharata yoga, is that it is friendly to all walks of life. Whether you are trying to get fit, are trying to help an existing injury, or simply want a fun family activity. Due to it’s flexible nature and belief system in healing, Bharata yoga makes the perfect choice for your new yoga practice.

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